EasiDose – Perfumed Multi-Surface Cleaner

EasiDose – Perfumed Multi-Surface Cleaner

Developed for the use via a trigger spray and mop bucket application. A highly concentrated formulation designed as a versatile general purpose cleaner that has a fresh citrus fragrance.

Ideal for the cleaning of all hard surfaces and floors (not for use on pre-polished floors).

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Standard prefilled and ready-to-use products, whilst still relevant in today’s world, are not financially sustainable as a long-term solution for your cleaning needs.

1x1L bottle can make a minimum of 50 ready-to-use refill flasks (based on a 20ml dosage). 20ml dosage per 750ml refill flask.

Supplied as 3x1L to a case, provides up to 150 ready-to-use flasks – equivalent to 25 cases of normal ready to use product.

Sold separately –  6x750ml Heavy Duty Refill Flasks/Triggers BMED10T