EasiDose – Multi Surface Cleaner & Degreaser

EasiDose – Multi Surface Cleaner & Degreaser

A highly effective surface cleaner degreaser for use where heavy-duty soiling’s and caramelised grease are evident.

Use through trigger bottle on exterior areas of equipment, including canopy hoods, fat fryers, cookers, canopy filters, stainless steel wall cladding, glazed tiles. Can be diluted into a bucket for the cleaning of floors, walls and general cleaning of hard surfaces. Fragrance Free & Foods Safe for use in food preparation environments.

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Standard prefilled and ready-to-use products, whilst still relevant in today’s world, are not financially sustainable as a long-term solution for your cleaning needs.

1x1L bottle can make a minimum of 50 ready-to-use refill flasks (based on a 20ml dosage) –

Supplied as 3x1L to a case, provides up to 150 ready-to-use flasks – equivalent to 25 cases of normal ready to use product.

Sold separately –  6x750ml Heavy Duty Refill Flasks/Triggers BMED2T