NovaCare Lemon Floor Gel – 2x5L

NovaCare Lemon Floor Gel – 2x5L

A detergent gel which assists rapid cleaning, maintains vinyl, leather and linoleum in a supple condition, and eradicates stale odours leaving a lemon fresh smell. It is safe, economical and does not damage polished floors or paintwork.

The product’s lemon fresh smell makes it an ideal cleaner for washroom floors and shower areas.

It is safe to use on virtually all hard surfaces and can be used either via damp mopping, spray cleaning or machine scrubbing

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The product is a mild cleaner, and will remove most greasy soils and scuff marks, and cleaned surfaces may be buffed to an attractive sheen without the need for rinsing prior to buffing.

Direction for Use

Light soiling:50ml per 5 litres warm water.

Heavy soiling (scuff marks etc.):125ml per 5 litres warm water.

Mopping Operation-use a well wrung mop. Damp mop floor and allow to dry. If required, buff to a shine using an electrical buffing machine with fine grade nylon pad.

Spray Maintenance: Apply by spray and immediately buff floor surface with a buffing machine as per mopping operation.

General Surface Cleaning: Apply by a clean, well wrung cloth or sponge. Wash surface in a conventional manner and allow to dry.