Sany Plus Sanitising Unit

Sany Plus Sanitising Unit

The ultimate in Ozone Sanitisation.
For spaces medium and large.
Perfect for businesses.
Can sanitise areas up to 400m3

1500 cycle recommended per life span of the device

Equals just €2.50 per cleaning cycle


Guaranteed Safe Checkout:


Sanitise medium to large sized areas up to a max volume of 400m3

3 pre-set programs (37 – 47 – 87 min)

The Sanity System “Safe System” reconverts the Ozone back into fresh Oxygen, creating a refreshing environment for your customers and staff.Ozone Gas is a safe, proven and effective agent for sanitisation. It is widely used to eliminate bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses

It is a medical-grade, eco-friendly way to sanitise, killing bacteria, molds, fungi, removes bad odours, and is the only product on the market that inactivates viruses, including COVID-19.

Sanity System has been in business since 2008 and was awarded Number 1 Sanitisation Company in Italy in 2019. The System is widely used by State agencies including the HSE, and the National Ambulance Service.

The system is Certified and Tested to be effective against E.Coli, MRSA. and recently tested and certified to be effective against COVID-19.

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