Soluble Strip Laundry Sacks Red – 200 per case

Soluble Strip Laundry Sacks Red – 200 per case

The Water Soluble Strip Laundry Bag is a Universal Precaution Tool to enable linen handlers to economically isolate, transport and disinfect foul and contaminated linen. The bags are designed to be used as liners. Once filled, the contaminated linen can then be handled and transported to the laundry without fear of bacterial dispersion and exposure. The filled Laundry Bags are loaded directly into the washing machines eliminating the need to open bags in order to sort and/or load the contaminated linen as well as the potential exposure to the handlers. During the agitation cycle, the Water Soluble Strip and tie closure dissolve, releasing the contents of the bag into the washing solution. At the conclusion of the wash cycle, the used and disinfected portion of the Laundry Bag is removed and discarded or recycled.


Economical way to isolate, transport, and disinfect foul and contaminated linen.
Insures compliance with DHSS Guidelines HC(95) 18, for the Safe Handling of Contaminated Laundry.
Eliminates need for protective equipment / clothing for soiled linen handlers.
Reduces labour and bio-hazard disposal costs.
Seals in airborne bacteria and prevents escape or leakage.
Protects workers from infectious body fluids and blood borne pathogens found on linens used by hospitals, clinics, dentists, veterinarians and diaper facilities.
Will not harm environment or clog drains.
Completely recyclable! (Polyethylene LDPE)

Dimensions: – 18x25x26″

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