Universal Safe Roll Bumper

Universal Safe Roll Bumper

The Universal Safe Roll system is a state-of-the-art crash mat, designed to
dramatically change the landscape of falls protection and support the reduction of
the use of side rails.

Traditional static floor mats are often a trip hazard, have to be
moved to accommodate moving and handling equipment, and are frequently too thin
to provide true protection from falls. This radial new design eliminates all these
issues, providing safety for the resident and exceptional ease of use for carers.

The folding mat attaches to the side of the bed, and Hook and Loop up when the
bed is raised for care (image 1), enabling access for carers and for equipment.

As the bed is lowered the deep foam mat folds out to lie alongside the bed, as a true
safety feature (image 2).

Designed to fit our Woburn Ultra Low, Low and standard beds, the Universal Safe
Roll is suitable for a wide range of users and is ideal for use within nursing homes
and the domestic environment.

All the bumpers come with covers that are removable and machine washable, for
better infection control.

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