Wireless Chair Pad & Alarm Monitor Set – Stand-Alone

Wireless Chair Pad & Alarm Monitor Set – Stand-Alone

Chair pads are used to monitor patients when using a chair. The pad is placed on the seat of the chair. When  the patients gets out of the seat to stand the wireless alarm monitor will sound.

Pad size: 10” x 15‘’

The Wireless Alarm monitor can be up to 90 meters (300 feet) from the Pads Monitor can hold up to 6 component.

  • Adjustable Volume, Low, Medium and High
  • Low Battery Light on Alarm
  • No noise in patient’s room
  • Wide range of components for all caring needs
  • Compatible with Wireless Bed and Chair Sensor Pads, Floor Mats, Motion Sensors, Call Buttons and Window Exit Alarms.


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Our Wireless Chair Pad & Alarm Monitor Set – Ideal when no nurse call system isn’t available.

The Chair pad can be placed under or on top a cushion, it will alarm when pressure is released by the user.

The Set comes with the Wireless Chair Pad, New Wireless Transmitter and Alarm Monitor. Additional LCD Pager is available on request (BM30138)


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10" x 30"

10×30 inch bed pad

20" x 30"

20 x 30 inch Bed Pad